Folder Forestry and Agriculture

This folder contains experiences and efforts made to use clean, energy saving and protective technologies in forestry and agriculture; it also contains information on research planning, programmes and results aimed at maintaining the competitiveness of EU agri-food products, managing resources in a sustainable way, complying with food quality and safety requirements, and fostering environmental, quality, and animal welfare standards. The legal basis is the EU Strategy for Sustainable Development - whose major concerns associated to forestry and agriculture embrace food quality and safety, and preservation of bio-diversity - and the Common Agricultural Policy. Environmental technologies in this context improve agricultural and forestry-based production while conserving the regenerative and reproductive capacity of the natural resource base. Therefore they also refer to soil conservation technologies, preventing or reducing erosion, compaction and salinity, while fostering the maintenance or improvement of fertility and drainage properties. They are based on the use and recycling of renewable resources, including energy, and of suitable agronomic and silvicultural practices (e.g. organic farming, application of biotechnologies). Environmental technologies may also apply to post-production processes, such as by-products management and processing. Regarding forestry, the overall vision is that by 2020, products, services and energy derived from renewable, wood-based and composite materials should be amongst the preferred choice of the consumers. Pulp & paper as well as wood-working industries are dealt with under this folder. Forest management and emissions reduction are dealt with under 'AIR'.

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